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James Cooper supports and trains the accounting package Reckon accounts, formally known as QuickBooks, in Western Australia.

If so give me a call on 042 999 2468 

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Default Data.

for those wanting to set up Reckon Accounts Quickly I have a default database that will speed up installation, and prevent you getting the huge chart of accounts that Reckon install when you set up a new company. More details click here 


For those who want training from setting up Reckon accounts, checking for year end and BAS and making your accounts sing and dance please contact me.

Match Transactions.

How often do you get a payment from a client without a remittance advice, therefore making it difficult to match the payment to invoices.
I have written a simple program that will allow you to enter the outstanding invoices and the payment amount and it will give you what invoices it will match.

If you are interested in the program for $25 + GST just fill out the form below.

Importing Data.

I work with clients who want to import  data into Accounts from external forms like spread sheets or web pages.
see Importing Transactions

Who else can help your business

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A New Business.

If you are setting up a new business. Reckon, have an associate company ReckonDocs that allows you to register your company, register with the tax office, obtain web site domain names etc. Simply click on the link to set up your company.


James Cooper's lives in Perth Western Australia his web page details QuickBooks or Reckon a business accounting system, Glider Log Keeping, SmartLogs Details the exciting sport of Gliding at Cunderdin,  and much more.