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The SmartSki was designed origionaly as a two seater Kayak for my personal use.
I wanted a Stable, but Quick Kayak that was Light.
All the other available Kayaks are either Quick but so unstable unskilled will promptly fall off.
Alternatively they are heavy plastic.
When designing the Kayak it worked out at 6 metres long, that is quite impractical for day to day use.
So I worked out that I could cut it in three, so as to have smaller components. In addition being able to make either a Single Seat or a Double Seat.
Using the same technique that we use to rig gliders it is possible to convert the craft from Single Seat to Two seat or vice versa, in one minute.

If you are interested in purchasing a SmartSki please contact me on ja



James Cooper's lives in Perth Western Australia his web page details International Justice Mission, PingPongAThon, exciting sport of Gliding at Cunderdin,  and much more.